New Horizons

I know I pick the worst blog names. Imraan couldn’t stop joking about this one. Well, here’s a worse one: Yes, that’s my new blog. I’ll still be trying to contribute to this one (which is very unlikely, as the new one is much lighter and not that in-depth and I’m lazy as shit). […]

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Umar’s Ban on Hadith

In many conversations and discussions with Muslims who acknowledge hadith as a source of law, I would often mention how Umar Bin Al Khattab disallowed the recording of hadith and the narration of sunan. Most of the time, I was asked for proof and could not quite provide any. “Fair enough,” I’d say to myself, […]

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This is a Quranist blog.

Since Islam has been converted into a religion (when it should have remained a spiritual path free of dogmas and open to everyone) only when handed over to those who sought to create sects and groups to claim exclusive rights to salvation, it has become essential to reform it.

It’s finally time to properly embody the Quran, bring it to life and respect it. Fully embrace it and freely investigate within it without paranoia or fear of being “wrong” – being wrong is an impartial part on a quest to being “right”.

I also have to add that no sect, group, movement or school of Islamic thought has any right to claim they are ultimately truthful. The universe may be faultless, but people are filled with flaws, bias, hatred or prejudice toward one thing or the other. Our judgment is clouded, thus we have no right to claim authenticity to religious matters that some Islamic Scholars may like to advertise as godly. Our understanding and ideas about Islam are always mere opinions. It’s how much “truth” we bring forth to support us that gives value to our opinions.

Feel free to browse this blog, provided you keep it free of takfeer. Enjoy.