Asfora opened quite a wide door for me. Recently, she began making “tutorial-like” videos of selected and common scenarios that happen when a Quranist discusses religion with a non-Quranist and mostly a traditional Muslim. I’m now a huge fan of the one made by Marisa, which you can watch below.

You should also check out Asfora’s Muslim Pirates. Throwing a little humour in them, I think, is great help because most people who believe in hadith will heartily defend it. Not that that’s wrong, since it’s what they believe. They have the right to defend it, but I can’t possibly see why they should be allowed to practice many parts of it (such as domestic abuse and stoning).

And another one published on QuranistNetworkTV on Youtube.

Of course, I have to remind the reader that not all quranists believe this. It’s just one of the many explanations of Sunnah in the Quran.

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