New Horizons

I know I pick the worst blog names. Imraan couldn’t stop joking about this one. Well, here’s a worse one:

Yes, that’s my new blog. I’ll still be trying to contribute to this one (which is very unlikely, as the new one is much lighter and not that in-depth and I’m lazy as shit).

And to whoever it may concern, I have deactivated my facebook account and the password is with my boyfriend. I also am too lazy to ask him to remember it or use the e-mail reactivation. But then again, I may reactivate it because in Jordan, you cannot access Al-Hiwar Al-Mutamaden [] from their main site and you have to use the facebook page instead. Very clever, Jordan. Not only do you fear Secularism and seek to close down any sites that discuss it (such as Arab Times as well) for national security, but you are also stupid enough to forget to block the facebook page off your servers.

Cheers everyone. I still love all of you. I do. Except for Kidr.


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