Ill and Travelling

A facebook friend of mine just posted something quite interesting, and of fear of it being lost, I wanted to share it here.

M. Arif Saeed – Could “ill” mean being mentally or emotionally weak, and “in journey” mean those who are still in their state of learning initial learning of Allah’s message? Only those who have reached a certain level of certainty about the “truth” and ar…e emotionally and spiritually fit to take up the task of establishing salat (Allah’s will and laws) in the society are required to move ahead and do so. To establish salat in the land so that the poor, the weak, the deprived, the oppressed could be freed and justice copuld be established. I do not think that the prophets went through some repetetive physical actions for a fixed number of times in a day to commemorate Allah. They commemorate Allah by implementing Allahs’ desired system in the land for the mankind, to turn the land into a peaceful jannah where people get their rights, no one is oppressed and no one controls the resources for his own good. Prophet Muhammad established such a system in Medina (as it appears from the known history). Abraham was made the leader of the mankind, was given authority and he established salat (Allah’s laws and system) during his time in his domain. Hence we are all required to follow his leadership. Shoaib’s people asked Shoaib that does his salat (system) teaches that they leave the ways fo their forefathers?

Marad and safar, per lexicon, mean “fault” and “being exposed, jagged”. This is officially on the “to-study” list.



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